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About the artist

For the past 40 plus years I have been carving for pleasure. My work was primarily birds and fish.  In 2001, I purchased a lathe and became hooked on woodturning.   I have always loved to carve and sculpture wood and the lathe just added an additional tool to my toolbox.  I have found that these two skills fit together very well.  During the past several years I have started adding color to some of my pieces to help tell the story.


Tools – The primary tool I use is a wood lathe.  The majority of my work on the lathe is done with the use of chisels and other stationary cutting tools held to the wood while the lathe rotates the wood.  With respect to carving, I use both power (electric and pneumatic) tools and hand tools.  I also make some of the tools that I use.  I do not own a duplicator.  Everything I do is by hand.  For painting I use both a brush and airbrush.


Motivation / inspiration - I use every opportunity to study the work and techniques of others and to incorporate other interests into my work. Using this as starting point I have tried to develop my own style.











Turning a bird house on the lathe